What is the most important for your company?
The Turnover
The Market Share
The Profit



Without Margins, no profits.
Without profits, companies die and disappear.

The success of your company cannot be assessed by its sales volume or market share alone.
It should be valued for its ability to generate profits. Getting them can never be a question of luck or chance. Profits have to be planned and managed.

The team of profit-mmc, have it very clear and
we'll teach you the right way to get it.

We have developed a set of simple but effective management tools to help you to increase your company's profitability, improve your commercial efficiency, fix more effective prices, optimize your costs and implement your processes, involving all the company in the results.



The margin is generate by sales,
but not all sales can generate margin.

The economic resources that your company needs are in the market and not only inside your compnay. Whatever their activity and size, all companies have a common purpose. They need to sell the products they manufacture or purchase if they want to earn the necessary margin to generate profits.

The 360º margin management places the margin in the centre of your company, transforming it into the main reference for all your departments. 
You will learn to understand it, to calculate it, to interpret it, but above all, to manage it in order to obtain the planned profits.
Margin management is a philosophy, a different way of approach and setting your company's priorities, based on the Margin Pyramid and the 6P's of the Profit. 

Discover the power of this management system
and duplicate your company's profits



There is not a single margin in your company.
It is the sum of all the margins generated by your products and your customers clustered and organised in margin centres

The pyramid of the profit margin represents the essence of the management system developed by rando. Its simple but powerful structure, facilitates the knowledge and detailed analysis of your products, your customers and your markets, necessary to take the best strategic decisions that will make possible to increasing the profitability and profits of your company.

The team of profit-mmc will teach you how to organize them



The profitability of your company,
is everyone's task and responsibility

With the implementation of the margin management, your company will ensure that all its departments incorporate in their language, margin, profitability, efficiency and productivity as the central referents in the development of their activities.
Feeling part of the final result of the company and being recognized for it, is the biggest motivation that we will implement in your company. 

The success of the profit management system is based on applying these concepts to sales, prices, products, markets, processes and people. The 6 pillars of your company

By using Sales Controlling tools, we will map up your profitability, focusing your commercial goals on the margin and not the sales volume. We will optimize your resources and focus your efforts on the strong elements that generate margin, breaking definitively with the dogma of frenetic growth that always ends in price wars.
Your customers don't buy goods. They are buying services, trust and personal satisfaction. Not knowing our market is a mistake that is paid by applying low price strategies. 360 Margin Management will implement a winning price policy, based on criteria of value, perception and satisfaction, beyond costs, increasing the ability to generate and increase your company's profits. Setting prices only on the costs, ignoring the market, contributes to lose opportunities to increase your company's margins.
The design of the product, its usefulness and the added value that the client derives from it, are key factors that differentiate and singularize the product when applying the correct price strategy. Investing in R&D and new products should be a considered decision in front of the possibility that the result could be rejected by the market. Do not underestimate your mature products. Get them back and spoil them, because they are the ones who are going to finance your structure, your future investments in innovation and your next market strategies.
Your company can't sell to everyone and not everyone in the market can be your customer. For that reason, your company cannot invest resources in campaigns trying to sell your products to customers who neither need them nor value them. The customer must be king whenever he generates profits for your company. If not, leave him. A detailed knowledge of the target market has effects on your pricing system, your business strategies and your production processes that impact on the entire organization of the company.
Your company's profits are not generated by producing more and more, but by selling what you are producing. The competitiveness of your company has nothing to do with low prices, unbridled cost reduction or low wages. It's about improving your company's productivity. To be competitive means to offer efficient solutions to the customers' needs, with a price accepted by the market and that can generate profits for your company. Improving production processes with margin criteria, increases profitability without the need to resort to cost-cutting. Your company's costs are a mirror of your capability to be productive. Improving your company's productivity does not mean reducing your costs.
Una empresa es un conjunto indisociable, donde todos los departamentos interactúan y juegan un importantísimo papel. En una empresa organizada en torno a la filosofía de la gestión del margen, todas las personas de todos los departamentos venden y son responsables de los resultados. Le ayudaremos a organizar su empresa, motivar e implicar a todo su equipo. Conseguiremos que hablen el idioma del margen, trabajando como un solo equipo, eliminando los guetos que merman la eficiencia de su empresa. Una estructura equivocada, mal organizada y desequilibrada es una garantía de fracaso.



The margin is not the amount that your company
has to add at the end of the costs.
It is the purpose that must be planned and managed 
from the beginning of all.

The benefits of your company are the result of improving processes, training people and increasing the added value of products. Benefits are not achieved by reducing costs or cutting expenses.

This concept will always be the philosophy of the profit-mmc team 
that we will transmit to your company

Margin management is not any sophisticated management software, nor a CRM of monitoring and commercial follow-up, and even less, a perfect manual of drastic expense reduction. 
It is a system of reporting, categorizing and managing all the information about customers and products that existing in your company, organized and structured to help you in taking efficient strategic decisions.   

Implementing successful the margin management in the whole company cannot be improvised. 
There are three complementary phases clearly defined.




Analysing to Implementing
360° management requires 360° evaluation 
To prevent is the best medicine. A solid diagnosis will be the catalizer to improve in all areas of the company. Analyse, classify and structure all the information of the company to identify the elements that provide added value. Conclusions will be an important asset and of considerable strategic value providing your company with a realistic vision of its business situation.


Implementing collaborative processes to consolidate margin management.

With your team, we'll define and set short-, medium- and long-term strategic goals. Together, we will design simple but effective margin management tools, transferring to your company the analytical knowledge that will empower you to maximize the power of margin management. 


Monitoring to Consolidate

Changing habits requires constancy and perseverance. The 360 Margin Management is no magic pill. 
We will keep the changes implemented in the company alive, by monitoring the results, and applying the appropriate corrections to improve efficiency, with the support of professionals.





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"Mistakes are part of learning.
Without them, no change is possible."
(Paulo Coelho)

With 30 years of experience in the business world, as a manager and as a businessman, I have more than 10 years of experience as a consultant promoting, implementing and developing the concepts of the Margin Management philosophy in more than 60 companies of all sectors and sizes.

Management engineer, enriched with specific training in financial management, marketing, sales controling and Lean Management, even though my best teachers have always been the entrepreneurs I have had and I have the great opportunity to meet every day.

Connoisseur, passionate and strong defender of the important role that companies, especially SMEs, are playing in any competitive country's economy.

Far from the great theories, I have always developed practical, pragmatic and direct management tools, with a clearly focused on results, to increase the profitability of your company.

Consultant, trainer and lecturer, I collaborate with different economic journals, I am a member of several European professional associations, of the International Controller Verhein-ICV and of the Peter Drucker Institute, that continues being one of my references that have influenced my vision of management.